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We respect how

challenging it is to

build a great business

Time for all your hard work to be rewarded.

Let us steward your legacy.

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Who we are

Kimera Capital specialises in acquiring majority stakes or partnering with successful businesses (small to medium-size), to help them achieve their strategic goals and maximise their growth potential.

We are committed to SMEs, focusing on companies with EBITDA between £1 million and £10 million with a large enough opportunity to grow into. We believe companies of this size have proven sales, and are small enough to grow fast but with sufficient scale to employ high quality management teams.

We also believe we can add the most value to these businesses through our consulting companies, experience, skills, contacts and our understanding of where they need to be, and how they can get there

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What We Do

We are motivated and bring new energy. We believe we can manage and create further prosperity for your business.
We are forward-looking and see opportunity.

We believe in the purpose of business being greater than profits. We are focused on creating long-term, sustainable growth and value. We are owners and not just investors.

We think in years and not months. We are patient investors. But restless operators.

Acquisition Criteria

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Acquisition Criteria

Resilient Businesses

Businesses are complex and your time limited. We fully appreciate that you may have unfinished work. That’s where we come in. We love the challenge and bring the horse power to create value in all parts of your business. Especially related to people, sales, marketing, finance and systems.

Business characteristics:

  • Recurring revenues from a loyal customer base
  • Opportunity to grow organically
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Pricing power
  • Low capital expenditure requirements
  • Low seasonality and cyclicality

Owner seeking to step away

The majority of the deals we see are owner-managers looking for retirement. But we also recognise there are people wanting to focus on other ventures they may have started. We get that. We are entrepreneurs too.

Possible Scenarios:

  • Owner seeking exit for non-business reasons or to pursue next venture
  • Owner seeking new management for daily operations
  • Owner seeking liquidity
  • Succession issues
  • Corporate divestiture
  • Private equity sale

Track Record

We do not invest in start-ups. That is not our game. We would like to see a track record of growth, history of stable cash generation and evidence of sustainability or stickiness in earnings.


  • Stable Or Growing Revenues
  • Less Than £30M In Revenue
  • Good Operational Leverage

Niche Sectors

We are value investors at heart and believe there are great businesses in every vertical.

We like B2B industries with contracted revenue business models, maintenance or service revenue streams or a high level of repeat business.

Such as:

  • B2B software
  • IT Services
  • Compliance Services
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Manufacturing and Wholesale